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My goal is to find my clients their dream home.

About Me

It would be my pleasure to assist you in your property search. My website will provide you with all the tools you need to find the perfect property.

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My goal is to find my clients their dream home.  I am proud to offer my clients the highest level of service and professionalism in making sure all their real estate needs are being met.  Whether you are buying or selling your home or looking to invest in residential income property, I am available to help you.   I personally have experience in these areas and would like to assist you in your real estate ventures.

Providing Superior Service

As a Real Estate Agent       

  • Researched, negotiated, and assisted clients in the purchasing and selling of their properties.
  • Strong presentation, sales and management experience.
  • Extremely detail oriented, with strong analytical and problem solving skills in each transaction.
  • Presented in deals exceptional organization, time management and multi-tasking skills.

As a Real Estate Investor

  • Created a successful real estate business in rehabilitating dilapidated properties and selling for a profit.
  • Developed key investment strategies to minimize risk and maximize returns.
  • Demonstrated successful investing skills in locating profitable residential income property in both the US and Dominican Republic.
  • Proven ability to take initiative, prioritize projects and gain credibility with co-workers across multiple businesses.
  • Located business opportunities, created budgets, negotiated contracts and implemented selling designs.


When I met Cheryl, I knew instantly that she was the perfect agent to sell our home. Her positive attitude, warm personality and real estate savvy was what we needed to get top dollar for our home. Our home was only on the market for 5 days before all the offers were coming in! Cheryl's knowledge of the market and our neighborhood is impressive. She helped us every step of the way, from setting up the inspections, down to every detail to make sure our negotiations went smoothly. She is AMAZING!!
We loved working with Cheryl and would not hesitate to recommend her to everyone we know.
Jane K.

We first met Cheryl when we bought our house in Berkeley and we were impressed with her combination of professionalism and warmth.  She was always clear about options and how to get through the hurdles and choices we faced. Then we chose Cheryl to represent us in selling our condo and became even more impressed with her sense of strategy, suggesting we add a bedroom to a large open space, pricing the unit so as to attract buyers in a difficult market, and successfully negotiating the multiple offers we received.  I'm convinced we ended up with a sale that was the best one possible.   And it went through quickly, in a process that was both enjoyable and efficient.  Cheryl was consistently smart about handling the many details and was a pleasure to work with.  We would be pleased to work with her again.

I wholeheartedly recommend Cheryl Berger to anyone who is looking for a home.

I knew Cheryl was the right realtor for me after our first phone conversation. She was incredibly warm, supportive, and spent a lot of time finding out what I was looking for. She worked tirelessly for months to find me my dream home and I never felt pressured at any point in the process.

Buying my first home in the Bay Area was incredibly daunting. Cheryl patiently guided me through the process and when I was finally ready to make my first offer she made sure it counted.

Cheryl was very communicative and upfront with me throughout the entire process and more than happy to answer the phone when I called her with questions- which was frequently. She was incredibly proactive in her dealings with the seller’s agent during our negotiations and guarded my interests until the final closing date when she handed me my keys and a bottle of champagne.

Stacy R.

Cheryl is an amazing real estate agent and we will gladly refer her to any of our friends or family. My wife and I are first time home buyers and, as you  know, Bay Area real estate is wildly competitive, so it’s important to have someone experienced and trustworthy working on your behalf. We were working with another apathetic agent before we found Cheryl and just weren't making any progress. After talking briefly with Cheryl on the phone  and explaining what we were looking for in a home, she invited us to her office in Berkeley, where we sat down with her for about an hour. She walked us through the home buying process and showed us multiple homes that were listed within our price range--which is trickier than it sounds. With many homes selling for well above the list price, Cheryl was able to cut through the nonsense and tell us which homes were actually in our price range.

After looking at a few homes on paper in her office and gauging our interests, Cheryl offered to drive us around Oakland to show us around. As San Francisco renters looking to buy a home in the East Bay, we were somewhat unfamiliar with the lay of the land in Oakland. We needed an agent who could not only find us a house, but could help point us toward the right neighborhood. Cheryl did exactly that. Cheryl drove us around for a few hours (!) on a Saturday afternoon, showing us not only houses, but pointing out farmers markets, making restaurant recommendations, and telling us which hot spots had the best cocktails. Afterward, we were thrilled to be working with her and convinced she was going to find us the right place.

Not only is Cheryl a total pro, she's fun to be with while looking at houses. She smiles a lot, and provides relevant feedback like “You could put your cat stuff in this area” or “There’s 68,000 in termite damage, I don’t think this is the one for you, guys” or "I've worked with this listing agent before and she's great, when you go to the open house, tell her you're working with me." She also a tirelessly hard worker--she was always available when we called her and replied to our emails almost instantly throughout the entire home-buying process.

Most importantly, we really felt that Cheryl had our best interests at heart and wasn't just in it for the commission. When the seller of the first house we made an offer on came back with a counteroffer, Cheryl advised us that it was unreasonable and that we should move on--we listened to her, and are so happy we did. When it came time to make a second offer, Cheryl knew how to make what we had competitive and get our offer accepted in a multiple-offer situation. 
Cheryl continued to be a great advocate for us through the closing process. Thanksgiving was in the middle of our closing period, and our lenders were dragging their feet creating one delay after another. Cheryl worked directly with our bank to explain what we needed and when we needed it, and helped us push them to meet our timelines. She also worked closely with the seller to assure him that we were on track to make our closing date. Thanks to Cheryl, we were able to push through a quick close over a holiday weekend, and close on time.

Bottom line, Cheryl is a great agent. She knows how to work with other agents, and she’s a knowledgeable and experienced person to have on your side. Working with Cheryl, we found the perfect home and now have keys (and yard work to do).
Hilary and Zach

It was really a pleasure to work with Cheryl.  She is very knowledgeable about real estate in the East Bay and was incredibly patient and helpful throughout the whole buying process. I was a first time buyer and was very lucky to find a real estate agent that I could trust and rely on.  I would highly recommend Cheryl to anyone who is buying or selling in the East Bay.

I love my new home and have Cheryl Berger to thank for it. She kept me calm in the chaos of a short sale. Cheryl warned me that a short sale could take some time but if I was patient I could get the property I wanted. She was right, it took months for the bank to approve the offer. In the mean time Cheryl kept me constantly updated with other properties available. She was always there to look with me, answer question and get any information I needed.

Once the bank finally approved the offer on the short sale Cheryl was there 24/7. Keeping me in the loop and the loan officer focused and on track with our closing date. The loan officer was so impressed with Cheryl's efficiency and responsiveness that she hopes to work with her again. The bank did not make anything easy but Cheryl did, she took control and now I'm in a home I love!
I don't plan on moving anytime soon but when the time comes I know Cheryl will take care of me!

It was a real pleasure working with Cheryl. We were looking all the time at houses on redfin and other real estate websites, but she directed us to a house that hadn't popped up on any of those searches; a house that she thought might be just perfect for the two of us. It was a short sale and there were a ton of roadblocks along the way from the banks involved but Cheryl helped us through each step of the way giving us all the information we needed. Throughout this stressful process Cheryl was calm, reliable, and when need-be, willing to fight on our behalf. She replied promptly to text and email, even on weekends and evenings, when sometimes we really needed her input. Cheryl was a joy to have as our agent and I would recommend her to anyone.
Jordan C.R.

My husband and I had been on and off in the market for a home since 2010.  Even though everyone kept stating how it was a great time to get into the market, we found it to be impossible.  We were always outcompeted by either higher offers or all cash offers.  It was very demoralizing to go through the merry-go-round of rejection.  We had started to really think that this part of the American dream was just not available to our family.

This all changed when, by chance, we connected with Cheryl Berger!  She immediately strategized to make us more competitive in this harder market of low supply.  We reworked our contingency schedule to compete with all cash offers. She also connected us with a fabulous, local lending agent.  Upon writing our second offer with Cheryl, we were accepted!  We are now the proud owners of our very first home!  We look forward to creating memories to cherish for all of our lives thanks to Cheryl!
Karen & Valentin

Working with Cheryl was a pleasure!  She understood exactly what we were looking for and helped us find the perfect place. She answered any and all questions that we had during the complicated process of buying a home and was an incredible advocate for us throughout every step of the way. Being first time home buyers, this was of tremendous importance to us and I feel lucky that we had her as an agent! I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone thinking of purchasing property.
Mandy and Kristin

We really enjoyed working with Cheryl.  She is passionate about her job and it shows.  She was straightforward, clear and patient throughout the entire process, from helping us decide on the right home for our family to negotiating a price we were comfortable with.  Cheryl knows how to get the job done.  And on top of it all, she was a lot of fun to work with!  We would definitely recommend Cheryl to anyone looking for a great realtor.
Kari and Zack

I am a first time home buyer with the fortuity to have had Cheryl Berger as the agent to represent me. As I was completely green to this process I needed someone in control, knowledgeable, and patient. Cheryl proved to be all of this and more. Initially when speaking on the phone with Cheryl she was open about her experience as a realtor and noted the she "really loves her job." This was evident from my first encounter with her through her warmth, professionalism and preparedness. Cheryl immediately gleaned relevant information from me and started the property search. I received listings on daily basis and Cheryl took care to contact me regarding potential properties. Cheryl gave sound and wise counsel on properties and provided education about the process making certain I was informed and "on board" every step of the way. I appreciate Cheryl's serene nature in this high stress/anxiety process making; I was also very impressed with her ability to take initiative and work in my favor as her client. I am proud to say that with Cheryl's help I was able to purchase a home I truly love. I am eternally grateful for her tireless work and ceaseless positivity and candor.

With Gratitude,
Dr. Frank T.

As a former homeowner I toyed with the idea of purchasing once again in the bay area.  My previous Real Estate Agent left me with a bad taste in my mouth-, she was both unreliable and nowhere to be found once the sale was complete. 
I feel so fortunate to have met Cheryl recently through another avenue and found out she also worked in real estate.  I mentioned to her that I was interested in possibly looking into purchasing another home. She referred me to a mortgage broker who quickly pre-approved me for a loan.  That same day, Cheryl sent me multiple listings that were in my desired area and within my price range.  On the weekends I would also receive the list of open houses for Sundays.  Within the first weekend I saw something I was interested in and Cheryl submitted an offer for me.  The seller on that particular house was not serious about selling and after two offers and multiple phone call exchanges, I decided to move forward to continue my search. The following week I found a cute little gem of a house listed online and I sent Cheryl a message.  She immediately looked into it and informed me that she would call the listing agent but unfortunately, the offers were due within the next hour.  I had not seen the house in person but when I looked at the pictures I knew that it was my house.  I am positive that Cheryl heard the disappointment in my voice and she somehow worked a miracle.  I left work and she met me at the house.  She put together an offer that the seller couldn't refuse and last weekend I moved into my adorable new home.  There were two other offers on this house but Cheryl knew the key elements of making an offer more appealing to the seller.  She worked quickly and efficiently to make sure that I got my house.  Cheryl was always available for me- whether it was to answer my many questions- (sometimes silly ones about killing wasp nests) and to talk me down when I started to panic. I couldn't be happier with how seamless she made the process of home buying.  Having been through it before I can tell you that Cheryl made what could be a very stressful, awful experience, into a pleasant and relatively stress-free one.  I can recommend Cheryl Berger 100% without any reservations.
Jennie Z.

Buying a home in the Bay Area can seem like a daunting task. And if you're thinking about doing it, you've probably had that exact thought. And if you're the kind of person who has zero experience buying a home anywhere, as I was, you probably think the process is full of pitfalls that you can't predict and that you'll end up buying some dilapidated wreck in a horrible area with a mortgage the size of a small country. To be honest, that fear is probably not far from reality, which is why all my friends told me (and I am re-telling to you) that you need to have a good agent on one's side.

This is why I highly recommend Cheryl Berger. She understood that I was very new to the process and she took great care in explaining even the finest points to me to make sure that I knew what was going on; so that I could make informed decisions at every step in the home-buying process: finding a place, understanding what made a listing a good or bad one for me, understanding the disclosures, making a good offer, closing, etc. And she was always on the ball, making sure I had all appropriate forms signed and submitted on time. This last point is very important for all those SF busybodies.

Cheryl worked hard for me, and she gave me her honest opinion about potential homes, prices, locations, etc. When it came time to talk with the selling agents, she was a strong advocate for me. And she is a very nice person, which helps a lot. When you put down a lot of money on a home, it is so nice to have that reassurance in having someone tell you that what you're doing is the right thing and that you made a good choice. Cheryl was that reassurance for me.
Thank you Cheryl!!
Nathan E.

Cheryl is the kind of realtor you want, she made herself available, and was always helpful and knowledgeable. My husband and I were on a strict budget with a lot of special requirements, plus we had twins on the way, so we were under a serious time crunch to find a house! Cheryl showed us more than houses, being new to the East Bay, she took the time to show us neighborhoods, restaurants and markets so we could truly make an informed decision.

As first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions and Cheryl made us feel comfortable, addressing them all in a complete, professional and friendly manner. We never felt silly asking any of our questions. If and when we decide to move again, Cheryl will be our first call.
Alyssa & Jason

I have worked with Cheryl Berger for several years with some business partners, we have purchased fixed-up and sold several properties  with her. 

When purchasing, she is always "feeding" us potential properties that may be of interest to us, and is always able to show us the properties in a timely manor.  She is very good at keeping us up-to-date on the entire process, from "sign at the dotted line", to "here's the keys." 

When selling our properties, she shows us a good list of comparables, so we can get an accurate listing price, and her marketing is always top notch.  Since we see a lot of agents out and about, I've seen agents who sit and look at a computer screen during an open house, Cheryl is always greeting, talking, and selling our houses in a very professional manner.  She never misses a beat responding to all offers we receive, and negotiates on our behalf perfectly. 

I am glad we have found her and use her for all our Real Estate needs.
Dan J.

Cheryl was my agent for the purchase of my first home in Berkeley.  I found her to be intelligent, competent and professional in all our interactions throughout the process of buying a property.  She was very attentive to me and always returned calls promptly when I saw a property I wanted to look at. She answered all my questions and was patient with me as a beginner in the world or real estate.
She took me through every step of the journey, from qualifying for a mortgage to getting the keys to my new home. She recommended competent brokers and inspectors. When I made a bid for a property she made herself available to me by phone at all times. She explained the many documents that are part of a real estate exchange. When I was overwhelmed, she remained calm.

I was lucky to have found Cheryl because she made buying a home possible for me. I highly recommend her.


Cheryl was prompt, open, made all the right moves to help us short sell our Condo. We found a buyer and she provided the level of responsiveness that made the difference for our buyer. She didn't let up and took our sale as if it was her own.

Great job Cheryl and thank you!!

Andrew & Margaret

We have come to know Cheryl Berger over the past few years through mutual business interests and having used her recently to sell a condo we owned and rehabilitated in Oakland.  We found Cheryl to be ethical, hard working and a great facilitator with attention to all of the many details. She succeeds in getting the best for her client.  In the time we've come to know Cheryl, we are comfortable enough to do business with her on a hand shake, and we can’t say that about very many people we know. We certainly look forward to working with Cheryl on many more investment properties.
Dave & Glenn

Cheryl is fantastic! I was looking for a house in the Oakland area and she was incredibly helpful. She gave her honest opinion on the various neighborhoods and steered me towards the better areas that still fit within my budget. When I finally found "the" house, she made sure that we came out on top of the bidding war. When that house had difficulties due to the tenants not wanting to leave, she kept me constantly informed and updated.

Cheryl was incredibly professional, but also real. She never came off as fake or disingenuous. I trusted her implicitly, which is something I did not expect to find in a realtor. She loves her job and it shows in her abilities. I will assuredly use her the next time I'm in need of a realtor and will be recommending her to everyone I know.
Melissa K.

I have worked with Cheryl for many years. I have always been impressed with the service she gives her clients. She has always been a true advocate for them, and is more than willing to go that extra mile for her clients.
Both as an agent and as an investor of real estate, Cheryl has always made the smart move at the right time. She is an expert at marketing property, and at getting the best deal for her buyers. Her market knowledge is precise and impeccable.


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