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Dear Knowledgeable and Saavy Real Estate Consumer,

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Today you are faced with the challenge of shopping for a real estate professional and you want to know the essence and the truth of the professional behind the handsome website,  the nice ad words and the perfect agent photo. I know it can be a daunting and difficult task sifting and surfing through the multitude of  websites and real estate agents that proclaim to be the perfect agent or answer to your search. My goal is to make this process an easier one for you by giving you the  transparent truth and the service that you require and deserve. Today, the real estate agents that are capturing today's consumers are those that are positioning themselves to be found online irrespective of their true level of competence and experience. With my real estate services , you will receive both the wisdom of  practical and conventional competent experience and the benefits of innovation from my web 2.0 technology and marketing skills and strategies with the bonus of highly personalized service.

The real estate industry and the consumer is changing daily and very rapidly .  Since the beginning of my 22 year real estate career, I have embraced a philosophy of always staying current and progressive in education, technology and whatever it is that the industry is changing that will make my client's experience just a little better than my competitors.  I consider myself a very youthful  and progressive real estate consultant and a very knowledgeable and experienced agent who has a cross and diverse mixed set of experience and skills  and who has embraced my passion for utilizing web 2.0 strategies and marketing platforms to better serve my clients and to obtain you great results. 

I was born in the European Island of Madeira, immigrated at a young age and settled in San Leandro and San Lorenzo where I grew up and managed the family real estate investments beginning at age 15. I received a bachelor's degree in Business Administration in Marketing Management and Foreign Languages and proudly speak, read and write fluent Spanish and Portuguese. Beeing an immigrant myself, I am very sensitive to the needs of our Bay Area ethnically diverse clients but value greatly the conservative American core values of personal responsibility and accountability. I understand the drive and need to succeed in this land of opportunity and the responsibility that comes with it.

If you are an investor, I am very versed in income property sales and analysis 1031 tax deferred exchanges, and in the business of "tenants". After 9 years office based out of  San Leandro, I have been based out of Pleasanton since 1996. 

I serve competently the San Francisco East Bay area cities of  Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermone, San Ramon, Danville, Castro Valley, San Leandro and Fremont and surrounding cities, more commonly referred to as the Tri Valley Cities and the 580 & 680 Corridor Communities.

If you are a  buyer or seller in the $600,000 to $900,000 property value range, I have experienced a demographic sales trend since beginning of 2010 that I have been tracking in order to better market and negotiate your properties and I am excited about sharing this report with you upon our initial needs assessment meeting. If you are a buyer, undertanding this 2010 Sales Demographics Trends Report can help you position your buying strategy. I have taken time to extensively study this demographic buying and selling group in order to serve you highly. I am accredited and experienced in marketing and selling short sales and foreclosures, fine homes and income property sales . I look forward to serving you soon! Call me today for a confidential needs assessment interview 510-305-8128 or email me at .

How to save your home from foreclosure!

What Homeowners Need To Know To Save Their Homes From Foreclosure!


Early Warning Signs of Foreclosure:

  • Credit card debt out of control. (Maxed out cards). Paying the minimum amount due. Paying for necessities with credit cards (groceries, utilities, etc).
  • Cannot meet monthly financial obligations (choosing which bills to pay). Borrowing from friends and family.
  • Loss of employment, or reduction in hours or wages.
  • Major illness which can cause loss of work and an increase in health expenses. Divorce, separation or other traumatic family or personal situations.
  • Death of a spouse or significant other.
  • Cannot pay the new Adjusted Payment on the ARM mortgage loan. Major unbudgeted maintenance expense.
  • Excessive debt is the number-one cause of financial collapse and foreclosure.


Strategies to A void Foreclosure:

  • Be proactive about the problem when the first warning signs appear. Not only does this reduce the stress of not knowing what is going to happen but it makes it easier for creditors to work out a plan.
  • Contact. your lender when you become aware that you have a problem. The last thing that a lender wants is to foreclose on the property. Financial institutions lose a significant amount of money by foreclosing on a property ($50,000+/-). Foreclosure is a lose/lose for the lender and the homeowner. It is important to be honest and forthright with your discussions and be prepared to discuss the reasons for your problems.
  • Read the mail. Not knowing does not solve the problem it just delays the final result and increases the pain. By not reading the mail a person avoids the opportunity to get help before it is too late.
  • Contact a HUD approved housing counselor or call aREAL TOR® for advice. Call 800-569-4287 to find a nearby counselor, or go to
  • Prioritize your spending by paying for the necessities of life first. Always pay the house payment and health insurance first.
  • Look for ways to generate cash. Sell those items that have value but are not used or needed, or seek a part time job to get through the crisis. Not only does this reduce the emotional and financial stress but it provides evidence to the lender that the borrower is pro actively seeing a way to remedy a bad situation.
  • Specific Services

    • I deliver a mega-marketing plan tailored for each property that I market.
    • I proactively locate specialized specific properties that clients request through thorough alerts using traditional and untraditional resources.
    • I deliver marketing services using the latest technology.
    • Results-oriented marketing.
    • REO Rehab team.

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Short Sale:


What Homeowners need to know about Foreclosures & Short Sales and how they affect credit:



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