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Bob just helped me purchase my first home.  We worked together for four months, looking at places and narrowing down what I was really wanting in a place and what was realistic given my tiny budget. Bob is patient, attentive, timely, knowledgeable and straightforward. He is professional and responsive, but what I appreciated most about him is his honesty. He was clear right off the bat what regions I should focus on given my budgetary restrictions but also safety considerations as well. He knew when I needed a pep talk and checked in frequently. I feel really fortunate to have purchased the place that I got and believe that Bob's experience and strategic thinking we're key in making that happen.  I would highly recommend contacting Bob when looking to buy or sell a home.  Thanks Bob!!!

Kimberlee - Buyer

I recently was surprised with a large inheritance from family, and as a longtime resident of Oakland I decided to go ahead and buy a home for myself here.

A friend of mine recommended Bob, and so after a few months of monitoring the market online I gave him a call. I was very straightforward with my ignorance regarding the home-buying process and also the amount of money I had available to me.

Bob was great right out of the gate, sending me new listings to look at every few days just after my first phone call. When the time came to actually start visiting different homes on the market Bob always gave what seemed to be a very honest opinion. He is an Oakland native and his knowledge of all the different neighborhoods was very extensive.

Eventually I found the home of my dreams, and Bob came with me to the home inspection process, and even met me there again the next day so I could get a second opinion.

This particular sale was with a seller who was communicating via fax, and so communication between the seller and the agents seemed to be very slow, but Bob still helped me renegotiate some repairs, and ended up actually swinging by the property himself to check the progress of everything a number of times as the seller was mostly non-communicative.

He always laid-out the paperwork in a way that I could make sense of everything, and helped coach me through the whole buying process. I feel that I was in a fairly vulnerable position as an ignorant non-homeowner with a set amount of cash, but I never felt that Bob took advantage of my situation at all.

When I finally closed on the house, Bob came with me to sign the title paperwork, and he even bought me a home warranty out of his commission.
I feel extremely grateful to have used Bob Thacher as my agent, and would recommend him highly to anyone either buying or selling in the Oakland area. Thanks for helping me buy my dream-home Bob!

Geoff - Buyer

Bob was amazing in helping me buy my first property! He is a very good listener and helped me get what I wanted and in the correct timeframe while always explaining the whole process clearly and in detail. In order to do that, he even had to work during his personal holiday.

With Bob I never felt pressured to buy anything. He seemed to have my best interest in mind and would always give me his honest opinion on a place or area.

When it was time to put the offer, he did some great work by establishing a relationship with the listing agent. The seller afterwards told me that her agent preferred our offer in large part due to Bob.

After the offer the process went really smoothly and Bob was someone I could call at any time for any questions.

Overall a great experience and I highly recommend Bob to anyone!

Raul R - Buyer


When it comes to real estate agents in the East Bay, Bob Thacher is among the best there is! I do not make this comment lightly, I have met some great real estate agents (some of whom are our friends) but there are several reasons why Bob stands out:

1) Bob knows the business. My husband and I were first time homebuyers who knew very little about the process. We were expecting the worst after hearing horror stories from friends about how stressful and difficult the home buying process is. Bob had the patience and knowledge to educate us and answer ALL of our questions. Believe me, this was no easy task- especially considering the fact that we were using a VA loan. This slowed the process down somewhat but he never pressured us into making a decision! In fact he often stressed that he did not want us to make a decision until we felt comfortable and informed enough.
2) Bob is knowledgeable about home repairs! This is huge! Because he knows so much about home maintenance and repairs, he helped us negotiate a seller's credit for repairs and helped us prioritize repairs. He actually did some of the quick fixes- free of charge! He also helped us plan for future renovations.
3) Bob has a great reputation within the real estate community! Neither the listing agent nor our loan processor had worked with Bob in the past, but they both commented on how competent he was. The people that had worked with him commented on how much they enjoyed working with him. Because Bob has a great reputation, he was able to connect us with great home inspectors, etc. We were honestly happy with each of his referrals. After our experience, I can see why other professionals like him so much. He is timely, diligent and detail oriented.
4) Bob will go the extra mile for you! Bob contacted our loan processor to ensure that our loan could be expedited ASAP. He also followed up on all of the home repairs, often driving to the property himself, taking pictures of the work and then sending them to us. He sent us multiple emails just so that he could check in and update us on the home.

We really were expecting this to be a stressful process but it ended up being relatively painless because Bob was there to guide us. If we were to ever purchase another home, Bob would be the only person that we would call. We would highly recommend him to friends and family too.  


Sahar N. - Buyer    


My partner and I were recent transplants to the Bay Area. As first time home buyers, we were a bit overwhelmed with where to look, how to finance, and really just naive about the whole process. Bob's knowledge of the Bay Area was one of the most valuable parts of our experience - without it, we would have been lost.

Based on our price point, his history, and experience in the area, Bob knew which neighborhoods would be best to explore. Within those areas, Bob showed us multiple options that helped us narrow down our needs and wants, and educated us in the process. Six months later, my partner and I were proud owners of a great condo in a neighborhood with character and local conveniences.

Bob was very accommodating to our needs, explained the process, and ultimately helped us find our first home in West Berkeley. We highly recommend Bob to anyone looking to buy in the East Bay.


Jamie D - Buyer



We were very fortunate with our house sale in that we had already moved out of state before we put the house on the market. We literally handed the keys over to Bob who completely took over and coordinated not only all the last minute work that needed to be done (floors refinished, interior painted and landscaping completed), he also used his considerable design talent in staging our house to perfection. We were lucky enough to have a nice house in a desirable location, but in a very down market we got a solid offer within two weeks of listing which was above asking.


Elaine G. - Seller



An Oakland native, Bob knows every inch of the place, and can tell what neighborhoods are changing, and how. He is friendly and engaging, prompt in response, efficient and informative, but never pushy. His attitude and energy were the same no matter the price of the place I was looking at (and I had quite a range). He also has the knack of figuring out what kind of place works for you, and weeding out the wrong-uns so you don't waste your time. I found him to be highly supportive and very professional at the same time. Thoroughly recommend his services to anyone seeking to buy in the East Bay.        


Linda R. - Buyer



My husband and I worked with Bob for almost an entire year before we found the home that fit our needs.  It was everything that we wanted and Bob was the right blend of patience and persistence.  He worked around our crazy schedules which included the birth of a baby and a death in the family and was very respectful of our timing.  We appreciated that. 


Bob also has a great understanding of our preferences.  After touring the first few homes with us, he knew our sense of style and needs (probably even better than we did!)  After that, it was just a matter of timing until the right house popped up on the market.  Once we found that house, Bob developed a good rapport with the listing agent and kept us informed every step of the way.


Julie A - Buyer



I want to thank you so much for the great job you did helping us find and purchase the home in the Laurel District of Oakland.  Needless to say, we love the place and I know that our daughter will be very happy there.


I appreciate your responsiveness, thoroughness and professionalism in finding just the right place in just the right neighborhood.  Obviously, these house hunts are always a process – you start with an idea of what you want and refine it by inspecting one place after another.  Every new house helps you get a better idea of what it is you’re looking for.  Of course, there are always compromises – no house is perfect, especially not at the price point we could afford, but the home we found really just about had it all.


I also appreciate your help in the purchasing process.  Although we bought for cash (which obviously simplified the process considerably), there were conditions and situations that had to be addressed.  You handled them all smoothly.


Dave B - Buyer


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